Bolted plastic base ROLLBOX
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Bolted plastic base Roll Box

Bolted plastic base Roll Box - Standard Rollcontainers

Accessories and Spare Parts

Cod: A-0040 - shelf for rollbox
Cod: A-0119-A - fourth wall, 1/2 opening for plastic base roll pallet
Cod: CACINGHIA034 - textil strap, red colour
Cod: COPERTA0745B - internal cover for rollcontainer
Cod: ETICHETTA002 - name plate for identification

Article Description

Industrial Laundries successfully use this bolted roll pallet with plastic base for the transport of linens. A linen trolleys used often in hospitals and laundries.

Bolted plastic base Roll Box

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Product data sheet

External dimensions in mm720X815X1825 HT
Internal dimensions in mm670x795x1650 H
Folded dimensions in mm-
Weight30 Kg
Wire mesh in mm105x400
Load capacity500 Kg
Stacking capacityNO
Bright silver galvanizing
Bright silver galvanizing / Painting-

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