Rational warehouse
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages


The rational warehouse because practical.

Main issues:

Handling of exhaust pipes not rationally, safely and quickly stored, Use of too many disposable packagins, Difficulty of managing the lots, Too many damages to the product

Solution :

To use the metal cages of optimal size..

The designed loading unit has reached all goals :

  • It contains the exhaust pipes horizontally perfectly filling up the space to protect the goods
  • It makes the loading and unloading of good fast and secure
  • It can be positionned on industrial racks
  • It makes a transit warehouse thanks to the stacking by 3 in height
  • It makes the good perfectly visible thanks to the wire mesh (instead of metal sheet)
  • It saves space when not in use and in the truck returns thanks to the possibility to be folded
  • It reduces packagings to zero
  • It is cost effective