Esoreciclyng: RAEE container box, for household appliance and electronic trash.
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Esorecycling: a new Loading Unit for the Weee collection.

Necessity to conceive and supply a single model of Loading Unit to be used at the recycling area for the Weee collection, mostly Small appliances, IT and consumer equipment.

The Loading Unit needs to be safe and ergonomic and allow the loading and unloading operations quickly and orderly by standard vehicles. Need to make a mobile warehouse at the waste plant with a maximum dimension of a pallet exploiting the space in height to save space (stackable Loading Units).

We have conceived a Loading Unit of 2 m3 made of a wooden or plastic euro pallet, harmonic wire mesh sides and an easy opening gate for the loading and unloading operations.

The Successful Features are:

  • Simple and rational use in complete safety.
  • Product's cost effectiveness compared to the volume of the loaded good and to the logistic costs.
  • Visibility of the loaded content.
  • Space reduction of 50% (the Loading Units are stacked 1+1).