RELIGHT: Collect and treatment of RAEE trash
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages


Leading national company in the collection, treatment and recovery of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (Weee). Company unwilling to accept compromise solutions!


Study of the new Loading Unit for the management of WEEE (Small Household appliances, IT and Telecommunications equipments) with a capacity of more than 3 cubic meters, greater strength and better handling with conveyors, forklift and from above by polyp crane.


Provide a greater capacity, impact resistance and ability to optimize the loading and unloading timing of the trucks, comparing the new solution to the existing one (realized in standard carpentry), obtaining visible and quantifiable improvement without increasing the weight of the Unit.


The supply has been ensured by adopting the winning solution thanks to the design of the new Loading Unit:
  • The walls have been fixed to the base with an innovative system providing bolted panels that reinforce the whole structure.
  • New solution that involves the use of shaped beams to safely hook from above the polyp or the crane's chains.