Loading and unloading beers bootle
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Mastri birrai Umbri

The main mission was to contribute to the excellence of the beer’s quality thanks also to the Loading Units (metal cages) of the bottles.

Requirements to meet:

  • To load and unload the bottles in less time and in safety,
  • To keep the temperature constant and uniform in any point thanks to the air flow during the refermentation phase in bottle,
  • To maximum fill up the Loading Units in relation to the type of bottle of 0,75 and 0,33 liters,
  • To save space thanks to the stacking capacity of the Loading Units,
  • To safe handle by trolley conveyors with robust parts in contact with the forks

The winning answer was to propose the metal cage Italbox model with special height, an "Hybrid" Loading Unit conceived to assure both the easy of use (typical of wire mesh cages) and the robustness (typical of stillages). Just immediatly after sending the reference prototype our engineering department was sure of the successfull result for having proposed the best solution.