LINEN TROLLEYS for laundries and hospitals
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

OUR PRODUCT AREAS : Laundries - Hospitals

LINEN TROLLEYS for laundries and hospitals.


Logistica Paggiola provides laundry and linen Roll Cages to Laundries and Hospitals.

The success of Linen Trolleys is the result of the study, carried out over the years, of these sectors specific needs. The Linen Trolleys Logistica Paggiola are robust, easy to handle, practical, equipped with different kind of wheel according to their specific application. Our Linen Trolleys are manufactured in Italy according to the European Quality Standards. The most required model of Linen Trolley has 4 sides, an hinged shelf, silent rubber wheels.

Logistica Paggiola is available to study and design specific models of linen trolleys, according to the customer’s needs.