Italbox Standard - METAL CAGE
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Italbox Standard

Italbox Standard - Standard metal cages

Accessories and Spare Parts

Cod: A-0142-S - italbox with metal skids
Cod: A-0197 - italbox with lid
Cod: A-0492 - a4 vertical document holder
Cod: A-0492-A - a4 horizontal document-holder
Cod: CAPOLA0142G - plastic lining for italbox
Cod: ETICHETTA002 - name plate for identification

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Article Description

The Italbox represent the perfect combination between the solidity of the carpentry and the lightness of the wire that make this cage particularly robust and easy-to-use.

The Italbox standard has external dimension of mm 1200x1000x1000 HT, internal dimension mm 1200x1000x290 H.
The metal wire mesh is mm 60x120.
The weight of this metal cage is 50 Kg, with a load capacity of 800 Kg.
The Italbox has a stacking capacity of 3+1.
The Italbox is produced with bright silver galvanisation.
The surface treatment used in the Roll service, as well as in the other products of our productions has a high quality level; it is long lasting and good looking.
The surface treatment is made in Italy, under our accurate control.
On request, on the top of the galvanisation it’s possible to put on a transparent painting to assure a better life of the product.
In the Italbox standard is possible to add different accessories; the metal skids, a hinged lid, a plastic linen and the name plate for identification.

This metal cage, is used for the storage, distribution and transport of the goods in the different fields; such as in the cellars, where is used for the storage of the wines bottles.
The Italbox standard has a capacity of 600 wines bottles.
In the textile sectors there is a wide request of the Italbox cage, for the warehousing, distribution and transport of the semi finished products, and the finished one ( such as tailoring).
In the plastic component industry, in the automotive and household appliance, the Italbox is used for the storage, and the distribution of the goods.
This cage is available in two versions; standard and reinforced.

Italbox Standard

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Product data sheet

External dimensions in mm1200X1000X1000 HT
Internal dimensions in mm1150x950x835 H
Folded dimensions in mm1200x1000x290 H
Wire mesh in mm60x120
Load capacity800kg
Stacking capacity3/1
Bright silver galvanizing
Bright silver galvanizing / Painting-

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