Thermo Insulated Roll Pallet - ROLLBOX
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Thermo Insulated Roll Pallet

Thermo Insulated Roll Pallet - Thermo insulated rollcontainers

Accessories and Spare Parts

Cod: A-0020-I - internal/external thermometer
Cod: A-0489 - eutectic plate for thermo insulated roll pallet

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Article Description

They represent the safest and cheapest mean to handle frozen or chilled products without breaking the cool chain. They improve the distribution activity reducing the cost of vehicles.

Thermo Insulated Roll Pallet

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Product data sheet

External dimensions in mm800X1200X1860 HT
Internal dimensions in mm610x1000x1493 H
Folded dimensions in mm-
Wire mesh in mm-
Load capacity910 Lt
Stacking capacityNO
Bright silver galvanizing-
Bright silver galvanizing / Painting-

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