Foldable Cage for Wineries - METAL CAGE
Production of wire mesh rollcontainers and folding cages

Foldable Cage for Wineries

Foldable Cage for Wineries - Standard metal cages

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The METAL CAGE FOR WINERIES is structured with 4 latches, helpful to open and close easily the cage.
The metal cage for wineries as well as the other products made by Logistica Paggiola is very solid, extremely resistant and is ideal for the storage, the handling and the transport - the perfect metal cages for wine bottles.
It's a folding and stackable wire mesh cage for Bordeaux wine bottles.
The metal cage for winery thanks to the long feet can be easily handed by the fork lift for the distribution in the warehousing.
The cage has an external dimension mm 1200x920x1018; the internal dimension are mm 1120x880x890 H.
This metal cage can be folded and his folded dimensions are mm 1200x920x315.
The weight of the metal cage for winery is 57 kg, with a loading capacity of 800 kg. This metal cage is perfect for the cellar due to a capacity of 640 bottles of wine.
The metal cage for wineries can be folded and stacked both when is opened and folded. His stacking capacity is 3+1 (static) and 1+1 (dynamic).
Thanks to this technical feature it is possible to transport 2 metal cages at the same time, one on the top of the other. This allows to optimize the room in the cellars.
The metal cage for wineries has got yellow galvanized.
The surface treatment used in this wine bottles metal cage as well as in the others products of our productions has a high quality level, it is long-lasting and good looking. The surface treatment is made in Italy, under our accurate control.
On request on the top of the galvanization it’s possible to put on a transparent painting to assure a better life of the product.
It is widely used in different field, above all in the cellars due to the fact that cage for wineries is perfectly designed for the storage of the wines bottles.

Foldable Cage for Wineries

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Product data sheet

External dimensions in mm1200x920x1018 HT
Internal dimensions in mm1120x880x890 HU
Folded dimensions in mm1200x920x315
Wire mesh in mm51x118 mm
Load capacity800kg
Stacking capacity3+1 (statica) 1+1 (dinamica)
Bright silver galvanizingTropicalizzata
Bright silver galvanizing / Painting-

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